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Rules of Talim

In tablighi jamaat Talim is one of the most important Amal(activity).When people passes their time in the path of ALLAH then they are advised to do Talim for 4 hours daily collectively.And when they are in their locality they are advised to do talim for 1 hour.Half an hour in the local mosque and half an hour in their respective home with their mahram(with whom vision is allowed) women.Generally in the south asia region and most of the country the Kitab(FAZAIL-E-AMAL) is supposed to do kitab.But for the Arab another kitab name "Hayatus Sahaba" is allowed to do talim.There are 8 parts in the kitab "FAZAIL-E-AMAL".

1. Fazail-e-tabligh(Virtue of Tabligh).
2. Fazail-e-Namaz(Virtue of Salat)
3. Fazail-e-Quran(Virtue of Quran)
4. Fazail-e-Zikir(Virtue of remembering ALLAH)
5.Fazail-e-Ramjan(Virtue of Ramadan)
6. Hekaite-e-Sahaba(Happinings with Sahaba)
7. Pustika-a-Wahida-Alaz.
8. Fazail-e-Sadakat(Virtue of Sadaka) (2 part)

Really these kitabs have very well effect upon human mind.And many life have changed because of reading these kitab.These kitabs are translated in almost all languages.And are reading in almost all the country of the world.ALLAH make these kitab Kobul.

So dear reader please collect a copy of these kitab and start talim in the local mosque and in your home.It will make your soul happy and you will be in peaace.Jajakallah for reading the post.